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Dr. Sharon Chirban shares “What is sexualization in sport?” on PHIT for a Queen

Dr. Sharon Chirban shares “What is sexualization in sport?” on PHIT for a Queen

February 23, 2018


Dr. Sharon Chirban sharesWhat is sexualization in sport?on PHIT for a Queen:

  1. What is sexualization and sexual abuse?
  2. Internalized sexualixation- athletes driving sexualization from the outside
  3. Athlete can self-identify and self sexualization
  4. Why are powerful women in sport feeling pressure to fit into societal ideals?
  5. What if you could maximize your earnings by sexualizing your self- couldn’t this be seen as a business decision?
  6. Should someone’s gender identity and sexual preference be considered per their sport?


Where you can find Dr. Sharon Chirban:


So you know she is legit:

Sharon created Amplify Wellness + Performance in 2008 to bring together her clinical psychology specialties of working with high performance athletes and executives, as well as treating clinical eating disorders. Amplify Wellness + Performance applies a holistic and team approach to client relationships. Sharon has assembled a talented group of clinical psychologists, nutrition experts and wellness coaches to ensure clients the best results.

Sharon has 25 years of clinical psychology expertise, including work at Harvard Medical School, Boston Ballet, Boston Children’s Hospital and private practice. In her work as a trained sport psychologist at Boston Children’s Hospital Division of Sport Medicine, Sharon has treated many athletes with post-concussion syndrome, ACL injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation cases and athletic career transitions. She addresses the psychological needs of the whole athlete, including recruiting issues, concerns around red-shirting, self-management within team, coaching relationships, injury recovery, as well as the inevitable transition away from competitive sports or performance.

Sharon also specializes in treating clinical eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia and binge eating) and in partnership with treatment facilities, builds recovery programs to confront self-sabotaging behaviors that impede healthy relationships and a happy, wholesome life. Many of her patients are elite and high-level athletes and dancers, who also seek her out for her eating disorder expertise.

Sharon enjoys working with c-level executives on work/life balance, confidence, setback/failure recovery, risk-taking, strategic vision and relationship management in and out of the office. She is motivated by her successes in helping people really change and helps her clients and patients realize that what seemed impossible, is absolutely possible.

In addition to her day job, Sharon is married to an Olympic athlete and has been an athlete parent (professional ice skating, hockey and gymnastics) and is a road warrior and strength trainer herself, who has made exercise and a healthy diet central to her lifestyle for more than 30 years. Sharon is a first-generation American, born to Greek and Irish parents and grew up outside New York City.

She earned her Master’s and PhD from Adelphi University and her B.S. from Lesley University. Sharon is a frequent speaker at psychology conferences and is quoted in national media outlets.



Have you lost your butt? Physical therapy for the Female Athlete.

Have you lost your butt? Physical therapy for the Female Athlete.

February 16, 2018

Part 2 of our interview with Nicole Debrie, PT and Pelvic Floor Specialist. Nicole focuses on common issues and injuries that can occur with female athletes and focuses on the need to strengthen our core muscles for recovery and better performance.


  • Having a flat ass as a runner is pretty common. Our ‘bum’ as polite Nicole calls it, is part of our core system in our body and we do not have a sturdy base other muscles have to compensate. The muscles that make up our core are the diaphragm, the abdominal muscles and our pelvic floor muscles and glutes.


  • Pregnancy can exacerbate issues that you might not have had trouble with earlier, but occur after pregnancy and postpartum. Also, sports that can emphasise muscle definition ( the global muscles) over stabilization (the core muscles) can put the system as a whole at risk.


  • We can’t strengthen a muscle if our brain can’t find it! The brain nerve connection is an important aspect of physical therapy and how we can recover from an injury.                                                                                                


So You Know She Is Legit...


Nicole DeBrie is a pelvic floor physical therapist in Kansas City, MO. She specializes in treating both males and females with pelvic pain, back pain, SI joint pain, urinary or fecal incontinence, bowel dysfunction, prolapse, pain with intercourse and pregnancy-related pain or issues.

Nicole studied at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology in 2012. She then completed her doctorate of physical therapy at Rockhurst University in 2016. Nicole was drawn to pelvic floor physical therapy immediately upon being exposed to this population during PT school. She completed a full-time internship at Foundational Concepts (a clinic specializing in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders), receiving extensive training in pelvic floor physical therapy, before accepting a position there as a full-time physical therapist in 2016. She has continued to further her knowledge in pelvic floor PT through continuing education courses with the Herman and Wallace institute. Nicole is working towards obtaining her Women’s Health Certified Specialist (WCS) certification through the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

Nicole has a special interest in treating women with pre- and postnatal musculoskeletal conditions. She strives to help women during and after pregnancy maintain or return to their desired level of function or exercise. As an avid endurance runner and two-time Boston Marathon qualifier herself, Nicole feels she can relate with this active population. Nicole believes there is no “cook-book recipe” on the right way to recover from or navigate through pregnancy. She is devoted to working with patients individually to meet their unique needs and goals.

When not at work, Nicole enjoys running, hiking, traveling, brunching and doing all-things outdoorsy!


How to Connect with Nicole Debrie:   Check out Foundational Concepts, for more information on pelvic floor dysfunction, recovery during pregnancy and postpartum and PT for the active woman.

Getting a sniff of something special - Courtney Frerichs

Getting a sniff of something special - Courtney Frerichs

February 9, 2018

Courtney Frerichs shares her story of “Getting a sniff of something special” on PHIT for a Queen podcast:

  1. “I always dreamed of being an Olympian but in gymnastics”
  2. Coach encouraged her “Put yourself in a place to give yourself a chance.”
  3. Sometimes you just have to take the advice and trust your coach.
  4. Courtney believes 100% that the only way that her and Emma Coburn were able to accomplish gold and silver was they worked together as a team and not against each other.
  5. The body is physically able to do so much more than we give it credit for.

6.My multi-sport background helped me learn focus, time management and building different muscle groups that only helped me within my other sports.

7.The only way as women we're going to make progress is to lift each other up

You can follow Courtney’s career at:

Courtney started an early age participate in track but spent most of her school-age career doing soccer and gymnastics. Then began her local track career at University of Missouri Kansas City (The Roos) where she was a five-time All-American. Courtney then transferred to University of New Mexico where she helped lead her school to a national cross country Championship, individual Steeplechase championship and set an NCAA record in the steeplechase.

Shortly after completing her NCAA eligibility, she signed a contract with Nike and the Bowerman Track Club.  In July of 2016, Courtney fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming an Olympian after finishing second in the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials in the steeplechase.  She now trains at the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, OR, and is coached by Jerry Schumacher and Pascal Dobert.  

Courtney made history winning silver at the 2017 World Championship along with her teammate Emma Coburn!


Dr. Kathryn Ackerman, Expert on The Female Athlete

Dr. Kathryn Ackerman, Expert on The Female Athlete

February 2, 2018

The number of girls and young women in competitive sports has skyrocketed in the last few decades. At the same time, Boston Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine —the first pediatric sports medicine center in the U.S. — has grown and specialized to meet the unique needs of female athletes. Dr. Ackerman speaks on common issues that occur in active women and new developments coming out of the Female Athlete Program.


  • There are some issues that are more common in women athletes than for men, and both genders do need to learn how to play their sports safely, athletic training for girls continues to lag, because coaches, parents and doctors are less familiar with girls’ distinct needs
  • Injury risks are increasing in And the risks are increasing as younger children — both girls and boys — focus on one sport, fail to cross-train, and play under tremendous stress.
  • Female athletes are more likely to suffer knee and shoulder injuries, ACL tears, amenorrhea, as well as eating disorders.                                                                                              


So You Know She Is Legit...


Kathryn E. Ackerman, MD, MPH is a sports medicine physician and the medical director of the Female Athlete Program in the Division of Sports Medicine at Boston Children's Hospital. Her interests include female athletes, rowing injuries, endocrinology, female athlete triad, optimizing performance and health in athletes with diabetes, exercise-associated hyponatremia, and exercise and bone health in adolescents. Dr. Ackerman sees patients in Boston and Waltham. Dr. Ackerman interests in clinical care and education involve merging disciplines of sports medicine and endocrinology, while advancing the science and understanding of these interwoven specialties. She has presented locally and internationally about the female athlete triad as well as diabetes and exercise. Dr. Ackerman is a former national team lightweight rower, a team physician for US Rowing, and the course director for the Female Athlete Conference, held biannually at Boston Children's Hospital.


How to Connect with Dr. Ackerman and the Female Athlete Program

Information on the Female Athlete Conference, Coming 2019!

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