Overtraining Syndrome with A Case of the Jills

July 13, 2018

 Jill Puelo shares her journey as an ultramarathoner who struggled with amenorrhea, overtraining syndrome, and her journey to find the balanced relationship with exercise.



  • Jill shares the journey of her struggle of being diagnosed with hypothalamic amenorrhea as an ultramarathoner. She went to her OB who said: “you’re a skinny runner, what do you expect?” Losing your period is an indicator of something being wrong!


  • Loss of a period in an athlete is also an indicator of overtraining syndrome. There is a difference between overreaching and overtraining.


  • Jill’s athletic identity was definitely impacted when she had to take a break from her sport. She shares more about this important topic of identity.



So You Know She Is Legit…

Jill is a former collegiate soccer player, triathlete, marathoner, and ultrarunner who went through almost five years of amenorrhea before finally addressing her issues to get healthy. Shocked at just how much she didn't know about hormones and menstrual health for athletes, she decided to share her research and wisdom on both Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and Overtraining Syndrome through her YouTube channel. Her passion for counseling others even led her to go back to school to Harvard University's Extension School where she is pursuing a Master's Degree in Psychology in order to fully support athletes in their path to health.


To Connect with Jill:


Youtube Channel:


Facebook: @acaseofthejills

Shannon Miller: Gold Medal Gymnast and Ovarian Cancer Survivor

July 6, 2018


 Shannon Miller, Most Decorated Olympic Gymnast in American History speaks about athletic identity, transition out of sport, and her battle with ovarian cancer that led her to become a women’s health advocate.

episode_18-SHANNON_MILLER-phitforaqueen.png episode_18-SHANNON_MILLER-phitforaqueen-2.png



  • One of the things that was most difficult for Shannon when retiring from gymnastics was that she missed the structure and support that was naturally in place with the sport. She shares what was helpful for her in that transition.
  • Shannon shares the story of her diagnosis of ovarian cancer, the journey of recovery and how that battle led her to speak out about women needing to care for their health, no matter how busy we are!


So You Know She Is Legit...

Shannon Miller remains the Most Decorated Olympic Gymnast in American History

with 7 Olympic medals. (2 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze) She is the only female athlete to be

inducted into the US Olympic Hall of Fame – Twice! (Individual (2006) and Team


Shannon has won an astounding 59 International and 49 National competition

medals. Over half of these have been gold. She is the first US gymnast to win 2 World

All-Around Titles. Her tally of five medals (2 silver, 3 bronze) at the 1992 Olympics

was the most medals won by a US athlete in any sport. At the ’96 Games, she led the

“Magnificent Seven” to the US Women’s first ever Team Gold and for the first time

for any American gymnast, she captured Gold on the Balance Beam.


After retiring from Olympic competition, Shannon received her undergraduate

degrees in marketing and entrepreneurship from the University of Houston and her

law degree from Boston College.

Shannon remains a part of the gymnastics and Olympic communities as an analyst

and commentator. Now retired from competition, Shannon has moved from Olympic

athlete to advocate for the health and wellness of women and children.                 

Shannon launched her company Shannon Miller Lifestyle: Health and Fitness for

Women in July 2010. She continues to travel the country as a highly sought-after

motivational speaker and advocate for the health and wellness of women and


To connect with Shannon Miller and hear more of her story go to:


Shannon Miller Lifestyle http://shannonmiller.com

Twitter/Instagram: @ShannonMiller96

Facebook/YouTube: @ShannonMillerOfficial

Jen Brickey shares why she believes” Females should be training females.”

June 29, 2018

Jen Brickey shares why she believes” Females should be training females.”



  • Discusses why the female population is underserved in many areas: conditioning, injury prevention, mental skills.
  • Focusing on strength training & conditioning needs specifically to the female athlete.
  • Feels her competitive edge came from her hard work in the weight room.



Where you can learn more about Jen & her Women’s basketball performance center




How you know she is legit:

I am the creator of The Women’s Basketball Summit and The Complete Women’s Basketball Strength and Conditioning Program. Currently, I am the head strength and conditioning coach at Concord Academy in Concord, Mass and the head coach and owner of Fusion Workouts, a kettlebell and sports performance gym in Newton, Mass

Throughout my coaching and training career, I have held numerous certifications:

  • NSCA-CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)
  • NASM-CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
  • CK-FMS (Certified Kettlebell and Functional Movement Specialist) – Was the 1st women in Massachusetts to hold this certification
  • RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge)
  • FMS 1 and 2 (Functional Movement Specialist)
  • Primal Move Instructor
  • IYCA- Youth Fitness Specialist

I attended Hofstra University in Long Island, NY on a full athletic scholarship where I received my bachelor of science in exercise science.

I had a pretty good high school and college basketball career, here are a few basketball accomplishments:

At Hofstra University: 1999-2003

  • First-team all-conference (CAA) senior year, 2003
  • Second team all-conference sophomore (America East) and junior year (CAA), 2001 and 2002
  • All-rookie team (America East), 2000
  • 3rd all-time leading scorer at Hofstra, scored 1724 points
  • 2nd all-time in 3 pointers made
  • 3rd all-time for points per game, 18.6 (2001)
  • 2nd all-time in free throw percentage, 88% (2001)
  • Featured in the book “Hofstra Athletics”
  • 4th all-time in points in one game, 36
  • All New York Metro First Team, 2003

High School at Nashua High School: 1996-1999

  • 2X New Hampshire Gatorade Player of the Year in 97 and 99
  • 2X Class L State Championships in NH
  • 1000+ point scorer in high school 

Menstrual Cycles, Hormones, and the Heart of the Female Athlete with Dr. Chrisandra Shufelt

June 22, 2018

Dr. Shufelt blows our minds with information on the research that is going on around hormones levels and cardiovascular health. Our menstrual cycle is an indicator of our overall health and we need to be paying more attention to our cycles!


  • Our menstrual cycle is a strong indicator of our overall health, but we are not talking about it. Dr. Shufelt discusses more about low estrogen levels and how it can impact our health and specifically heart health.
  • Heart disease kills more women than men every year, and it is starting to go up in women ages of 35-44 years of age. Dr. Shufelt shares how we can be proactive about our heart health.
  • Women have novel indicators have cardiovascular issues, such as pregnancy. Pregnancy is our first natural stress test on our heart. We discuss further risk factors.
  • Women get so busy with their lives that making appointments for themselves go out the window but we need to take time for ourselves and our checkups!


So you know she’s legit:

Dr. Chrisandra Shufelt is the Director of the Women’s Hormone and Menopause Program at the Barbara Streisand Women’s Heart Center at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute. She is also Associate Professor at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

Dr. Shufelt earned her bachelor's degree from the University of California, Irvine and her medical degree from the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California (USC). She completed her internal medicine residency in Santa Barbara and a Women's Heart Disease and Health Fellowship at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Shufelt received a master's degree in epidemiology and biostatistics from the University of Southern California.

Dr. Shufelt is a women’s health expert and board certified in internal medicine with advanced training in preventive cardiology and women's health. She has several leadership roles in the American College of Physicians, the North American Menopause Society and is a certified menopause practitioner. Her research is NIH-funded and focuses on premenopausal women with amenorrhea due to low estrogen and the impact of hormones on the immune system and heart disease. She has over 100 publications in the area of women’s health and is involved in several large studies including the Women’s Ischemia Syndrome Evaluation, the Women’s Health Initiative and the Los Angeles Atherosclerosis Study.



To Find out more about Dr. Shufelt’s work and ongoing research:




We Can’t Be What We Can’t See! Women Working in the World of Sport with Bobbi-Sue Doyle-Hazard

June 15, 2018


 Bobbi-Sue shares her experience of jumping into the male-dominated world of sports law and why she decided to start a podcast called Leveling the Playing Field. The podcast came about as a result of Bobbi-Sue’s passion for supporting women in business and leadership roles, especially in sports. Because we can’t be, what we can’t see!


  • The world of sport and law is predominantly male-dominated, Bobbi-Sue discusses joining that world and working in the sport law industry.
  • Bobbi-Sue is not unfamiliar with the struggle of mental health issues and she shares why she hasn’t shied away from discussing it.
  • We chat more about her podcast, Leveling the Playing Field which focuses on women working in the world of sport and interviewing amazing women in it. Remember, girls cannot be what they cannot see!



So You Know She Is Legit…

Bobbi-Sue Doyle-Hazard is the host of Leveling The Playing Field, a podcast featuring women who work in sport. The podcast came about as result of Bobbi-Sue’s passion for supporting women in business and leadership roles, especially in sports. On Leveling The Playing Field, Bobbi-Sue conducts casual, conversational interviews with women who are making their marks on the industry.

In her day job, she is the Assistant General Counsel for a professional sports organization. A graduate of the UMass Sport Management undergraduate program and Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law, Bobbi-Sue’s career path was anything but a straight line. She began her legal career as the first in-house counsel for a small family of life sciences companies and then moved on to a telecom company prior to her finding her way into the sports industry.

She is a strong advocate for mental health wellness and breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness, having personally lived with diagnosed depression and anxiety since she was a child. As such, she’s not afraid to broach these and other difficult topics with her guests.

You can follow the podcast on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram at @LTPFPod or via the website LTPFPod.com. You can follow Bobbi-Sue on Twitter at @bobbisue.


Check out Bobbi-Sue’s Podcast




Eating Disorders During Pregnancy and Postpartum

June 8, 2018

Pregnancy and postpartum can be a vulnerable season of life, especially if you have had a history of an eating disorder. Crystal shares how to take care of your body nutritionally and emotionally.



  • Crystal shares her story of how she got into her career: an athlete that recovered from an unhealthy relationship with exercise and disordered eating. She had to learn how to take care of and listen to her body which she took into motherhood, and now a mother of five!
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum can be a vulnerable time if you have a history of struggling with an eating disorder but can also be a motivating time to really listen and nourish your body. Crystal shares a little more about how our body can change during pregnancy.
  • The transition to motherhood, in general, is a hard one, and self-care can go out the window. Crystal shares ways that mommas can take care of themselves in general and from the nutritional standpoint.


So You Know She Is Legit...


Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and mama of five. With an online based nutrition practice, Crystal helps mamas nurture a peaceful relationship with food and their bodies at any stage of the motherhood journey. As a survivor of an eating disorder and postpartum depression, Crystal is passionate about empowering mothers to nourish themselves first, so that they may better nourish their families. Crystal infuses both personal and professional experience into her nutrition counseling practice, with over 10 years of involvement in the fields of maternal health, child nutrition, and eating disorder recovery. By serving mothers and families through her online blog and private practice, Crystal is committed to creating a community of strong, thriving mothers, who are learning to nourish their families’ minds, bodies, and spirits and experience the abundance of motherhood.



To connect with Crystal and to find out more about her Thrive through Motherhood program:

Instagram/Twitter: @crystalkarges

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crystalkargesnutrition/

Website: www.crystalkarges.com








Amanda Schlitzer-Tierney shares how to “Discover Balance with exercise” on PHIT for a Queen podcast

June 1, 2018


Amanda Schlitzer-Tierney shares how to “Discover Balance with exercise” on PHIT for a Queen podcast:

  1. Pioneer being one of the first strength coaches within the eating disorder treatment team.
  2. Triggers can result from comments and feedback from coaches.
  3. Takes a non-judgemental approach to fitness
  4. Reframing what our society views as healthy in regards to exercise.
  5. Feels many athletes focus on a perfect outcome versus excellence in sports.

You can find Amanda at:


So you know she is legit:

Amanda Schlitzer Tierney is a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and holds her Master’s degree in Sport Science and Exercise Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She is the Strength and Conditioning Coach for The Victory Program at McCallum Place and is the Owner/Founder of Discovering Balance: Fitness Coaching and Support. Amanda is currently the Co-Chair of the Association for Applied Sports Psychology: Eating Disorder Special Interest Group. Amanda has been working with competitive and recreational athletes with eating disorders since 2006. Over the years, Amanda gained a wide-range of knowledge for this specialized population and found her true passion: helping individuals incorporate balanced exercise into the recovery environment. Amanda’s goal as a Strength and Conditioning Coach is working with individuals to help identify unhealthy exercise thoughts and behaviors and supporting them in redefining their relationship with fitness. She aims to help her client find a balance between challenging the body and bringing the fun back to exercise. She encourages listening to one’s body cues and adequate fueling to maintain a healthy body and mind. Amanda’s target reaches beyond the client and she strives to educate athletes, teams, coaches, parents, athletic trainers, and sport medicine personnel on how to work with this specialized population.

Lara Gray shares how she likes to be a member of the “team behind the team” on PHIT for a Queen podcast

May 25, 2018


Lara Gray shares how she likes to be a member of the “team behind the team” on PHIT for a Queen podcast:

  1. Valuable team member of Drug-Free Sport that does drug testing for a variety of sports organizations.
  2. Wanted to bridge the gap between an athlete’s knowledge of how to get better at their sport without the use of supplement.
  3. Discusses current trends in drugs & supplements.
  4. Provides awareness as to what is the hidden dangers of supplement use.
  5. Share how legalization of marijuana has opened the door for adulteration and contamination.
  6. During her free time is hanging out at her husband’s local microbrewery.


You can find Lara at:

  • https://www.drugfreesport.com/
  • Be sure to check out the second annual Sport Exchange Summit June 11-12 2018- https://www.drugfreesport.com/education/sport-exchange-summit/
  • You can also find her at her husband’s local- http://casualanimalbrewing.com/


So you know she is legit:


Senior Director of Education

Lara is a board-certified sports dietitian and Senior Director of Education, specializing in educational programming for athletes on supplement safety, sports nutrition, athlete-focused recipes, and drug and alcohol deterrence. A former collegiate sports dietitian at Colorado State University, Lara’s interactions with student-athletes and collaborative work with athletic training and coaching staff introduced many of the challenges associated with promoting whole foods over dietary supplements. Drug-Free Sport’s involvement in sport drug-testing keeps her on the forefront of ongoing concerns related to dietary supplement use and the lack of awareness for food-first solutions in sport, as well as issues related to performance-enhancing drugs and substances of abuse. Lara manages communications with athletes, parents, and coaches where perceptions of “acceptable” supplement use and needed education on supplement safety and sports nutrition solutions overlap. Lara is a highly requested speaker and implements a “team behind the team” strategy of holistic cooperation among athletic administrators to place athletes in the best positions for success.


The Mind of the Athlete with Sports Psychologist Kate Bennett

May 18, 2018


The Mind of the Athlete with Sports Psychologist Kate Bennett


 An elite athlete herself, Dr. Bennett shares about her experiences and the tools she uses in her practice with other athletes, as a parent with kids in sport and reconnecting to her body after having her second baby.


  • Kates shares her unique background of being a competitive cyclist, cycling coach, athletic trainer and sports psychologist and how she brings all of that experience into her practice.
  • What is the mental toolbox? And how do we use this to optimize performance?
  • As a parent, Kate discusses her perspective on raising children in this focused world of one sport specialization.
  • Kate shares reconnecting with her body in sport after having her second baby.

So you know she’s legit:

Kate Bennett, PsyD, is a Clinical Sport Psychologist and the director of Athlete Insight, PC. She supports the clinical and performance needs of athletes worldwide and specializes in the treatment of athletes recovering from eating disorders. Prior to becoming a psychologist, Dr. Bennett was an athletic trainer and cycling coach. During her coaching career, she coached several state and national champions as well as earned two national championships herself. As a sport psychologist, she watched several of her athletes win national championships as well as excel as collegiate and professional athletes. Dr. Bennett has presented the American Psychological Association, Association for Applied Sport Psychology, Female Athlete Conference, International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals Foundation, and Medicine of Cycling conferences. In addition, she authored “Eating Disorders in Athletes” (Eating Disorders in Special Populations, 2017) and co-authored “Motivation and Mental Training” (Cycling Science, 2017).

How to Connect to Kate:



twitter.com @AthleteInsight








Jen Haugen shares why she is the “Down to Earth Dietitian on PHIT for a Queen podcast

May 11, 2018


Jen Haugen shares why she is the “Down to Earth Dietitian on PHIT for a Queen podcast:

  1. Loves helping Moms with timesaving tips & tools so they can have more valuable time for self-care.
  2. Allow your kitchen to be a countertop classroom.
  3. BUSY-the four letter word.
  4. The answer to business may be composting.
  5. Loves teaching how you can streamline and make the kitchen more user-friendly.

You can find Jen Haugen   at:

So you know she is legit:

Jen Haugen, RDN, LD, is a mom and dietitian with 17 years of experience who helps other moms with time-saving tips, tools, and tasty recipes, giving moms more TIME for self-care to feel at their best! She has a private practice to help women with self-care, and also offers cooking workshops for groups (including fun freezer meal workshops) as well as workshops to help women never stop growing. Find her at  www.jenhaugen.com. She is the author of The Mom's Guide to a Nourishing Garden and is a nutrition consultant and nationally-recognized speaker, and a Pampered Chef Kitchen Consultant.