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What is this thing the pelvic floor, and ‘bouncing back’ after pregnancy with PT Nicole DeBrie.

What is this thing the pelvic floor, and ‘bouncing back’ after pregnancy with PT Nicole DeBrie.

November 24, 2017

This is Part 1 of a 2 part interview with the lovely Nicole DeBrie, physical therapist to women. Today she speaks about the importance of the pelvic floor in women’s health and being active as well as what happens to our body when we carry and deliver a baby. Kara shares her story of the difficulty of ‘bouncing back’ after having a baby and returning to the running trails. 


  • The pelvic floor is one important group of muscles for us women.

           Nicole describes what these muscles

           are and do.

  • Common issues that can occur with pregnancy that PT can help with: diastasis recti, pelvic girdle pain, urinary incontinence, bowel dysfunction, prolapse and swelling.
  • After your six week appointment with the MD and you are clear to go, but you feel differently. Some pain is not normal and we need to give ourselves time and patience to heal.

So You Know She Is Legit...

Nicole DeBrie is a pelvic floor physical therapist in Kansas City, MO. She specializes in treating both males and females with pelvic pain, back pain, SI joint pain, urinary or fecal incontinence, bowel dysfunction, prolapse, pain with intercourse and pregnancy-related pain or issues.

Nicole studied at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology in 2012. She then completed her doctorate of physical therapy at Rockhurst University in 2016. Nicole was drawn to pelvic floor physical therapy immediately upon being exposed to this population during PT school. She completed a full-time internship at Foundational Concepts (a clinic specializing in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders), receiving extensive training in pelvic floor physical therapy, before accepting a position there as a full-time physical therapist in 2016. She has continued to further her knowledge in pelvic floor PT through continuing education courses with the Herman and Wallace institute. Nicole is working towards obtaining her Women’s Health Certified Specialist (WCS) certification through the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

Nicole has a special interest in treating women with pre- and postnatal muskuloskeletal conditions. She strives to help women during and after pregnancy maintain or return to their desired level of function or exercise. As an avid endurance runner and two-time Boston Marathon qualifier herself, Nicole feels she can relate with this active population. Nicole believes there is no “cook-book recipe” on the right way to recover from or navigate through pregnancy. She is devoted to working with patients individually to meet their unique needs and goals.

When not at work, Nicole enjoys running, hiking, traveling, brunching and doing all-things outdoorsy!

How to Connect with Nicole:

 Nicole is at Foundational Concepts, a specialty physical therapy group that specializes in the pelvic floor. Check out their website and blog for further information about pelvic floor and women’s health issues.

261- The fearless woman in the face of adversity

261- The fearless woman in the face of adversity

November 17, 2017

Kathrine’s Switzer’s   Interview

Title: 261- The fearless woman in the face of adversity

Interview Description: Kathrine’s Switzer is an icon figure in women’s sports. Known for her entry into the Boston Marathon 1967 being the first woman to complete. In that race, the 1967 Boston Marathon, she was physically attacked by the race co-director for officially registering and running in what was then considered a men’s only race spurring her life long career of activism for females in sports.



Show Notes:

  • Ran the Boston Marathon for her 50 year anniversary from her 1967 debut
  • “Running breaks down universal communication barriers”
  • “So many women are afraid to step out of their fearbox. Running allows us to take the first step”
  • Feels the shift in focus on health has helped women last longer in their running career
  • Running helps with mental health and busts the stress
  • 261- fearless in the face of adversity



Where you can find out more information on Kathrine Switzer

  • Kathrine’s website-
  • Be sure to check out her book Marathon Woman-
  • Become a 261 Fearless member-
  • Hear Kathrine talk about her journey breaking the stereotypes of women runners-



So you know she is legit:

Author. Activist. Athlete.

President, Marathon Woman and AtAlanta Sports

Promotions, Inc.

Career Highlights:

  • Inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in October 2011 for creating positive global social change
  • Winner, 1974 NYC Marathon
  • Broke Gender Barrier at 1967 Boston Marathon
  • Emmy Award-winning TV commentator
  • Author, MARATHON WOMAN (DaCapo Press), Running and Walking for Women Over 40, the Road to Sanity and Vanity (St. Martin’s Press), co-author 2 Marathon Stories (Rodale Press)
  • Founder, Avon Running Global Women’s Circuit
  • Winner of Abebe Bikila Award for Global Contribution to Sport of Running from New York Road Runners
  • First class of inductees into the National Distance Running Hall of Fame
  • Named one of the Visionaries of the Century (2000) and a Hero of Running (2012), and Runner of the Decade (1966-76) by Runners World Magazine

The Boston Marathon

Her work began accidentally 45 years ago when she was the first woman to officially enter the Boston Marathon when it was considered a men’s only race. She campaigned to make women official in the Boston Marathon in 1972 and later that year was one of the creators of the first women’s road race.

Switzer went on to run 39 marathons, and won the New York City Marathon in 1974. She ran her personal best in 1975, finishing second in Boston (2:51:33). She then put her substantial energies into creating the Avon International Running Circuit of women’s only races in 27 countries with over a million participating from 1978 to the present time. It was this series of events, which showed global participation and performances that largely convinced the IOC to include a women’s marathon in the 1984 Olympic Games.

TV Commentator/ Keynote Speaker

Switzer is now an Emmy award-winning TV commentator and has covered the Olympic Games, World and National Championships as well as the New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and every televised edition of the Boston Marathon (36 consecutive years!).She has appeared on Oprah, Nightline, CBS Evening News, Tonight, Today, Good Morning America, the BBC, CBC, PBS, and many other electronic and print outlets.


Marathon Woman, Switzer’s award-winning memoir, was first published in 2007. Her other books include 26.2 Marathon Stories, co-authored with her husband, Roger Robinson and best-selling Running and Walking for Women Over 40.

Still Running

Just completing the New York Marathon at age 70!

Competing in a Man’s World with MMA Fighter - Florina Moeller

Competing in a Man’s World with MMA Fighter - Florina Moeller

November 10, 2017

Florina-Moeller.jpg  Florina Moeller

Florina Moeller has quite a story, moving to the United States from Romania, to teaching herself software code, building a successful business and then becoming involved in the Mixed Martial Arts world.  She knows what it is like to grow up in hard times and she shares with us how it has shaped her into the successful woman she is today!


Florina tackles these topics in our interview today:

  • How coming from difficult times can shape our outlook on world and how we can use that to our benefit.  
  • Being a female in the world of MMA Fighting
  • How fighting has empowered Florina as a female in this world
  • Her take on mental health, the importance of getting help and talking about issues


Where you can find out more information on Florina Meatu-Moeller

Florina’s New Book: Heal Your Life and Find Your Balance: 7 Easy Steps to Mental and Emotional Health on

Florina’s Upcoming Fight on November 18th:

So you know she is legit:

Florina Moeller was born in Transylvania, Romania on Friday April 13th, 1984. She grew up in Bucharest and attended Vasile Alecsandri Elementary School and Saint Sava National College High School. She witnessed the Romanian Revolution in 1989 and experienced the economic instability that soon followed. Due to the aforementioned economic downturn, she was only able to attend high school until the age of 16. At the age of 20, Florina moved to the United States where she currently lives. She is a self-taught senior software developer and amateur Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Additionally, Florina has had a life-long passion for writing. She published her first book titled, "HEAL your LIFE and find your BALANCE: 7 Easy Steps to Mental and Emotional Health" this past year . The book is based on her personal journey and life experiences and is available to purchase on Amazon. In her spare time, Florina loves to read, salsa dance, run, lift weights and be very active in general.

How does shame impact our relationship with exercise? with Jennifer Lombardi

How does shame impact our relationship with exercise? with Jennifer Lombardi

November 3, 2017



Jennifer Lombardi, MFT, CEDS and Certified Daring Way Candidate, shares her personal journey from recovery from an eating disorder and exercise compulsion to a successful therapeutic practice in helping others. Jennifer today speaks on compulsive exercise, what it is, what a healthy relationship can look like and most importantly, the impact that shame has on our identities and the exercise relationship.

 Jennifer tackles these topics in our interview today:

  • What is compulsive exercise and how does our culture complicates this diagnosis?
  • Healthy exercise includes: a variety of types of activity- we want it to be diverse, a willingness to balance types of activities, having fun, and resting the body
  • The impact of the unwanted and idealized identities that we carry with us that is rooted in shame.
  • Is the difference between perfectionism and the pursuit of excellence?
  • Where are your values showing up in exercise?
  • Jennifer’s Exercise Motto: If there is no joy than it’s a no go!


Where you can find out more information on Jennifer Lombardi:

To find out more of the work of Brene Brown:


And the Daring Way Training

Wondering if your relationship is healthy? Take the Obligatory Exercise Questionnaire ( a score of 50 or above could indicate your relationship with exercise is unhealthy)

So you know she is legit:

Jennifer Lombardi is a marriage and family therapist and certified eating disorder specialist as well as a certified daring way facilitator trained by Dr. Brene Brown herself. Jen has provided eating disorder education and treatment services to the greater Sacremento area for almost 15 years. As someone in recovery herself she understands the need for effective treatment in a healing environment. She has extensive training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. She is a nationally sought out speaker and media expert on the topic of eating disorders, ACT, body image and exercise compulsion. To find out more about Jen’s work and practice you can go to www.empathicwaycom

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