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Treating Athletes with Eating Disorders

December 17, 2021


Kate Bennett, PsyD


Kate Bennett, PsyD, founded Athlete Insight, PC with one goal in mind: To serve the psychological needs of athletes.  Dr. Bennett combines her experiences as an athlete, coach, and psychologist to bring a unique perspective to her practice.  Blending the culture and demands of sport with her psychological expertise, Dr. Bennett designed Athlete Insight to meet the clinical and performance needs of all athletes.  

Dr. Bennett approaches therapy with an empowerment-based model. She believes that individuals are hardwired to thrive; however, Dr. Bennett also recognizes that obstacles interfere with satisfaction and success at times. She utilizes athletes' natural strengths to support them in achieving personal goals, facilitating new insights and skill-building throughout the process. Dr. Bennett strives to empower athletes to thrive in life and sport.

The end result:

Confidence - Excellence - Happiness - Health - Resiliency - Success - Values-based Action


Dr. Bennett is the author of Treating Athletes with Eating Disorders: Bridging the Gap between Sport and Clinical Worlds. Dr. Bennett integrates her experiences in sport and mental health to provide a comprehensive resource for all healthcare providers who support athletes with eating disorders.

Traditional sport psychology interventions are translated into clinical action to help therapists align with the athletic identities of individuals recovering from eating disorders. From diagnosis and neurobiology to athletic identity and excellence, this book covers a range of topics to help readers build their own toolboxes of creative and clinically sound psychological interventions.


So you know she's legit:

Kate Bennett, PsyD, is the founder and director of Athlete Insight, PC. Her professional career began at Indiana University, where she earned a BS in Kinesiology and Athletic Training. 

Dr. Bennett earned her EdM in Counseling and Sport Psychology at Boston University. 

During her coaching career, Dr. Bennett coached several state and national champions as well as earned two national championships herself. 

Over time, Dr. Bennett recognized her desire to help the whole person rather than focus solely on performance. She returned to graduate school to specialize in the treatment of athletes and eating disorders at the University of the Rockies. 

Dr. Bennett completed her practicum at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Counseling Center, and her pre-doctoral internship at the Western Washington University Counseling Center. She then completed her post-doctoral fellowship at the Eating Disorder Center of Denver (EDCD) and continued on as a primary therapist. 

In collaboration with EDCD, Dr. Bennett combined her clinical expertise and sport experience to launch the ELITE Program, a treatment program designed specifically to treat elite athletes struggling with eating disorders. She is an integrative therapist, working from a humanistic foundation and incorporating other therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and EMDR. Dr. Bennett is a clinical sport psychologist, licensed in the state of Colorado.

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