Phit for a Queen: A Female Athlete Podcast

Michelle Cordero shares with us “How she uses a holistic approach when taking care of her athletes. “

October 12, 2018

Michelle Cordero shares with us “How she uses a holistic approach when taking care of her athletes.


  • Athletic Trainers are part of the Sports Medicine team and are usually the first to the athlete when injured.
  • Also are behind the scenes to prevent injuries from happening.
  • Share what puts the female athlete at risk for injuries- training, nutrition, maintenance.
  • The goal is to break down the injury to relatable terms so they can understand what is going on to their body.
  • Avoid generalizations and bring back information put into context.

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So you know she is Legit:

Michelle A. Cordero is a Certified Athletic Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist in Miami, Florida. She was mentored by the leading expert in heat illness in the United States while pursuing her degree at the University of Connecticut as well as learn from top educators in the field. She went on to pursue her Master's Degree in Sports Medicine at Florida International University where she began her medical coverage with young athletes in the high school setting.

She has a passion for sports and loves nothing more than to help athletes overcome their struggles and get back to competition. Michelle has been the Head Athletic Trainer for the 5-time State Champion and 2-time Dick’s National Champion Girls Basketball team in Florida and has worked with elite level athletes in the U18 and U20 Women’s National Soccer Team. Although her primary practice has been working with student-athletes in middle and high school, Michelle has also worked with collegiate, professional, and high-level athletes in multiple sports as well as been part of the medical staff with the FC Barcelona Escola: an International academy based in Barcelona, Spain that holds soccer camps worldwide.

She is the creator of Athlete Remedy, a website devoted to empowering and educating sports parents and athletes with practical tips and guidelines for preventing, treating, and recovering from sports injuries in a language that YOU can understand! She strongly believes in providing a user-friendly approach that cuts to the chase and isn’t full of big scientific explanations. She leads a growing online community of sports parents by providing insight and filling in the gap in the world of sports injury treatment and recovery with weekly training, LIVE Q&A, and injury consultations. 

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Instagram: @athleteremedy

Facebook: Athlete Remedy

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