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Just Three Words: Athlete, Mother, Survivor with Karen Newman

October 6, 2017

Karen_Newman.png  Karen shares her inspirational story with Kara and Becca from her quiet cabin in Vermont! Karen a world record breaking triathletes shares her inspirational story of cancer diagnosis, battle with an eating disorder and how her faith got her through.


  Talk about a Fighter! Karen Newman is an inspirational speaker, world record-breaking triathlete, mother, wife, dietitian and author. She’s also an eating disorder and stage-4 metastatic cancer survivor. Her real-life stories have been giving people hope: helping free them from the bondage of shame, secrets and addictions; inspiring them to be authentic, to dream big and risk living the life they were meant to live. Karen has been featured in numerous publications and shows including the NBC Today Show and the NY Post, and has lectured all over the country. She has also received many awards, such USA Triathlon’s “Most Inspirational Comeback Award” as well as the Connecticut Sportswriter’s Association’s “Courage Award,” and American Cancer Society’s “Determination Champion” for her tireless charitable efforts.


  Karen’s book, entitled Just Three Words is a gripping, intimate, and contagiously inspiring story about the challenging experiences that brought her to her knees and then to her life’s purpose, and the miracles that kept her alive and winning athletic events around the world. Karen is an eight-time All-American triathlete and has medaled in events all over the world, even breaking an age-group world triathlon record, despite enduring cancer treatments. On September 14, 2016, just four months after being immobilized by a tumor in her spine, she raced for the USA in Cozumel, Mexico and had the honor of carrying the USA flag in the Parade of Nations.

  As a triathlon coach, Registered Dietitian with a master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition, health and wellness educator, and President-Elect of the Vermont Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Karen has had a long career educating and encouraging people in health and nutrition, as well as on the track. A University of Vermont alumna, she married her college sweetheart, Peter, and together they have three amazing boys—Stetson, Chase and Trent—who inspired her to survive and thrive.


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