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Hormones, Mood and the Female Brain with Meeka Centimano

August 10, 2018

Women are more at risk for anxiety, depression and other mood disorders. Meeka shares why this might occur and how our biology has an impact.



  • Statistically speaking, women tend to struggle with depression more than men. Meeka shares the reasons behind this and speaks further on how hormones affect the female brain.


  • Estrogen is a big part of this dynamic. The female brain really likes estrogen and appetite, mood, sleep, sex drive and pain levels, can be affected by a fluctuation in it.


  • There is a difference between the diagnosis of anxiety, and living anxiously. Meeka shares how we are using the word anxiety and how this looks different.


  • We have to get everything done! And if we don’t do it, it won’t get done! Meeka shares how this over functioning could be a coping tool and is serving a purpose in mood regulation.                                                                                                                                                                           

So You Know She Is Legit…

Meeka is a Licensed Specialist in Clinical Social Work that has been considered the pioneer in the Kansas City area in advocating for those pregnancy and postpartum related depression and anxiety. And she was the first to establish a specialty practice in 2008. She strongly believes in the power of story to teach others about the struggles families face. She often uses her personal story and the collected stories of families that she has worked with since 2003. It helps others to see perinatal issues through the lens of both mother and professional. Her style is to infuse her work with warmth and humor. And her goal is to engage clients and the community with her candid approach. Most importantly she aims to leave people informed and inspired.

Her work and advocacy for families have been featured in:

Parents Magazine, Adoptive Families Magazine, The Kansas City Star, M Magazine, Fit Pregnancy and National Public Radio.


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