Phit for a Queen: A Female Athlete Podcast

Food Peace for the Female Athlete

October 13, 2017

Julie Duffy Dillion RD

Birdhouse Nutrition Therapy



  1. Food, Peace- Not all dietitians are diet pushers
  2. You are the expert of your body!
  3. What does better mean?
  4. Weight change is just a symptom
  5. Sometimes to perform our best we have to have boundaries

 Where you can find Julie:

So you know she is legit:

Julie Duffy Dillon is a Registered Dietitian, Eating Disorder and PCOS Specialist, and Food Behavior Expert partnering with people on their Food Peace journey. She is trained as a mental health counselor and supervises dietitians and other health professionals to use weight inclusive and attuned eating strategies. She owns central North Carolina's group nutrition private practice and premier source of eating disorder treatment and prevention, BirdHouse Nutrition Therapy. Julie also produces and hosts the weekly podcast, Love Food. She is launching a brand new e-course for those of you with PCOS called: A Step-By-Step Guide to Food Peace with PCOS. Learn more at and



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