Phit for a Queen: A Female Athlete Podcast

When your body needs a break - Tina Muir

October 27, 2017


Tina Muir

Be Brave. Be Strong. Be You!

  1. It is not what you look like, or what you do - It is who you are that matters!
  2. Running is just fun and I love it all the time- “No you are lying”
  3. Treat yourself as you would treat your sister or best friend
  4. Amenorrhea- wanted to blast that this is an issue in running
  5. Tina shares how she built her 5-Star baby hotel
  6. Being a Mom make you feel like a temple



Fun Facts about Tina:

  • Professional runner/Great Britain Olympic hopeful
  • After the conclusion of our podcast Tina shared that she is expecting a darling little girl!
  • She has a podcast Running for Real that features people from all over the running, health, and wellness.
  • PHIT for a Queen loves her #nowatchme movement encouraging runners to use their body as a guide for training.



Where you can find Tina:




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