Phit for a Queen: A Female Athlete Podcast

Andrew Dole shares on PHIT for a Queen

January 10, 2020

Andrew Dole shares on PHIT for a Queen why “He comes informed when working with his athletes. Addressing Context= individual needs of the athlete.”


  • His style is sorting science with common sense.
  • Dairy can be a great resource as a complete nutritional package for that athlete.
  • When working with his athlete’s takes the approach that you don’t have to take in dairy but what are you going to replace it with?
  • Explore if your food beliefs are driven by who you associate with (culture within sport).
  • Myth #1 -Debunks that humans can drink milk through their adult ages because they have been able to evolve to handle milk consumption.
  • Myth #2- If you are not allergic to dairy there will not be an inflammatory response as a result of dairy consumption
  • Myth #3-Challenges the myth that dairy causes phlegm.
  • Myth #4-When asked if dairy interferes with an athlete’s hormone levels Andrew challenges it with decades of champion athletes that have been vocal about their dairy consumption.
  • M-TOR is a nutrient sensor pathway that is responsible for increasing muscle synthesis.
  • Leucine & Arginine are the light switches for the M-TOR pathway.
  • Myth #5-Whey in comparison to plant-based protein foods you would generally have to consume double the amount to get the same amount of leucine.
  • We are tending to lack the context in which we hear our nutritional science.


Check out Andrew and his work-

5 – part series on whole foods vs engineered foods and how to use them together in endurance events.

Looking to learn more about dairy and ways to incorporate into your diet-


So you know Andrew is legit:

Andrew Dole is the owner of BodyFuelSPN, a sport performance and lifestyle nutrition practice in Castle Rock, CO specializing in endurance athletes and weight management. An active triathlete, certified executive chef and triathlon coach Andrew manages clients around the world combining nutrition science, behavior modification, and culinary expertise into powerful life-changing nutrition interventions or sport performance-driven plans.

A graduate of the Metropolitan State University of Denver and earned a master’s degree from Kansas State University as well as a degree in culinary arts from the Art Institute of Colorado.

Andrew is also a published sports dietitian on the topic of exercise-associated muscle cramping and works with a variety of corporate clients, cities, sports clubs, and community health initiatives.

In addition to public speaking and private practice, Andrew has taught culinary and nutrition at the college level for over 10 years.


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