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A Still Quiet Place. Mindfulness Techniques for the Athlete with Dr. Amy Saltzman

June 21, 2019

Mindfulness has found its place in sports! Dr. Saltzman discusses mindfulness and how it can lead to improved sport performance overall, reduce stress and increase the enjoyment of sport!


  • Saltzman defines mindfulness as paying attention to the here and now, with kindness and curiosity so we can choose our behavior. Mindfulness lets us tune in to our bodies and fine tune our athletic performance.
  • What is going on in our body when we practice mindfulness? Mindfulness increases problem-solving and emotional regulation, learning and memory and cognitive flexibility as well as decreases activation in our amygdala (our flight or fight region of the brain). The brain has neuroplasty which means we can change the wiring of our brain, and we can change it to be more resilient and compassionate. Cool, huh?!
  • Saltzman shares her most valuable tools for mindfulness; learning how to have your feelings without your feelings having you, learning how to respond instead of reacting and self-compassion.  
  • Mindfulness can be helpful for athletes but even more important, it can be helpful for coaches and parents even more! Dr. Saltzman shares some issues that are coming up with our young athletes and how it is impacting their health and happiness.
  • Saltzman has an online course for athletes, coaches, and parents. Get signed up and use the discount!! September classes to come.


You Know She’s Legit:


Amy Saltzman M.D. is an athlete, mindfulness coach, holistic physician, and devoted student of transformation. She is the author of A Still Quiet Place for Athletes: Mindfulness Skills for Achieving Peak Performance and Finding Flow in Sport and in Life. In 2018, the book was voted Changing the Game Project’s book of the year for Athletes. Dr. Amy’s offerings allow any athlete or team to develop mental, emotional, and spiritual skills for finding flow; the exact same skills are being used by an ever increasing number of college, professional and Olympic athletes. She offers in-person and online mindfulness training, to individual athletes, coaches and teams.



To find out more about Dr. Saltzman’s work, her book and to sign up for training go to:


Dr. Saltzman has generously offered a 10% discount for her upcoming Fall training in September. You can sign up now and put 10%PHIT in the scholarship box to receive!

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