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We Can’t Be What We Can’t See! Women Working in the World of Sport with Bobbi-Sue Doyle-Hazard

June 15, 2018


 Bobbi-Sue shares her experience of jumping into the male-dominated world of sports law and why she decided to start a podcast called Leveling the Playing Field. The podcast came about as a result of Bobbi-Sue’s passion for supporting women in business and leadership roles, especially in sports. Because we can’t be, what we can’t see!


  • The world of sport and law is predominantly male-dominated, Bobbi-Sue discusses joining that world and working in the sport law industry.
  • Bobbi-Sue is not unfamiliar with the struggle of mental health issues and she shares why she hasn’t shied away from discussing it.
  • We chat more about her podcast, Leveling the Playing Field which focuses on women working in the world of sport and interviewing amazing women in it. Remember, girls cannot be what they cannot see!



So You Know She Is Legit…

Bobbi-Sue Doyle-Hazard is the host of Leveling The Playing Field, a podcast featuring women who work in sport. The podcast came about as result of Bobbi-Sue’s passion for supporting women in business and leadership roles, especially in sports. On Leveling The Playing Field, Bobbi-Sue conducts casual, conversational interviews with women who are making their marks on the industry.

In her day job, she is the Assistant General Counsel for a professional sports organization. A graduate of the UMass Sport Management undergraduate program and Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law, Bobbi-Sue’s career path was anything but a straight line. She began her legal career as the first in-house counsel for a small family of life sciences companies and then moved on to a telecom company prior to her finding her way into the sports industry.

She is a strong advocate for mental health wellness and breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness, having personally lived with diagnosed depression and anxiety since she was a child. As such, she’s not afraid to broach these and other difficult topics with her guests.

You can follow the podcast on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram at @LTPFPod or via the website You can follow Bobbi-Sue on Twitter at @bobbisue.


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