Phit for a Queen: A Female Athlete Podcast

Rachael Steil shares her story of “Running in Silence” on PHIT for a Queen podcast:

April 13, 2018


  1. “I have always wanted to be an author so it was natural to write about her story”
  2. Use perfectionism for good, not destruction!
  3. Is on a mission to educate coaches on the forms of eating disorders and bring about awareness.
  4. We have to have a behavior approach versus appearance approach.
  5. Happiness in my core!
  6. By breaking my silence I mustered the courage to recover.


You can follow Rachael at:

Buy her book: Running in Silence on Amazon


So you know she is legit:

Rachael Steil, the author of the self-help memoir Running in Silence: My Drive for Perfection and the Eating Disorder That Fed It, writes articles about running and eating disorders for her website (awarded Top Eating Disorder Blog) and is a speaker and advocate. She was 6th and 7th place NAIA All-American in cross country and track and now coaches high school cross country. Steil's greatest achievement was not breaking a physical barrier, but a mental one

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