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Lara Gray shares how she likes to be a member of the “team behind the team” on PHIT for a Queen podcast

May 25, 2018


Lara Gray shares how she likes to be a member of the “team behind the team” on PHIT for a Queen podcast:

  1. Valuable team member of Drug-Free Sport that does drug testing for a variety of sports organizations.
  2. Wanted to bridge the gap between an athlete’s knowledge of how to get better at their sport without the use of supplement.
  3. Discusses current trends in drugs & supplements.
  4. Provides awareness as to what is the hidden dangers of supplement use.
  5. Share how legalization of marijuana has opened the door for adulteration and contamination.
  6. During her free time is hanging out at her husband’s local microbrewery.


You can find Lara at:

  • Be sure to check out the second annual Sport Exchange Summit June 11-12 2018-
  • You can also find her at her husband’s local-


So you know she is legit:


Senior Director of Education

Lara is a board-certified sports dietitian and Senior Director of Education, specializing in educational programming for athletes on supplement safety, sports nutrition, athlete-focused recipes, and drug and alcohol deterrence. A former collegiate sports dietitian at Colorado State University, Lara’s interactions with student-athletes and collaborative work with athletic training and coaching staff introduced many of the challenges associated with promoting whole foods over dietary supplements. Drug-Free Sport’s involvement in sport drug-testing keeps her on the forefront of ongoing concerns related to dietary supplement use and the lack of awareness for food-first solutions in sport, as well as issues related to performance-enhancing drugs and substances of abuse. Lara manages communications with athletes, parents, and coaches where perceptions of “acceptable” supplement use and needed education on supplement safety and sports nutrition solutions overlap. Lara is a highly requested speaker and implements a “team behind the team” strategy of holistic cooperation among athletic administrators to place athletes in the best positions for success.


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