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Dr. Sharon Chirban shares “What is sexualization in sport?” on PHIT for a Queen

February 23, 2018


Dr. Sharon Chirban sharesWhat is sexualization in sport?on PHIT for a Queen:

  1. What is sexualization and sexual abuse?
  2. Internalized sexualixation- athletes driving sexualization from the outside
  3. Athlete can self-identify and self sexualization
  4. Why are powerful women in sport feeling pressure to fit into societal ideals?
  5. What if you could maximize your earnings by sexualizing your self- couldn’t this be seen as a business decision?
  6. Should someone’s gender identity and sexual preference be considered per their sport?


Where you can find Dr. Sharon Chirban:


So you know she is legit:

Sharon created Amplify Wellness + Performance in 2008 to bring together her clinical psychology specialties of working with high performance athletes and executives, as well as treating clinical eating disorders. Amplify Wellness + Performance applies a holistic and team approach to client relationships. Sharon has assembled a talented group of clinical psychologists, nutrition experts and wellness coaches to ensure clients the best results.

Sharon has 25 years of clinical psychology expertise, including work at Harvard Medical School, Boston Ballet, Boston Children’s Hospital and private practice. In her work as a trained sport psychologist at Boston Children’s Hospital Division of Sport Medicine, Sharon has treated many athletes with post-concussion syndrome, ACL injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation cases and athletic career transitions. She addresses the psychological needs of the whole athlete, including recruiting issues, concerns around red-shirting, self-management within team, coaching relationships, injury recovery, as well as the inevitable transition away from competitive sports or performance.

Sharon also specializes in treating clinical eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia and binge eating) and in partnership with treatment facilities, builds recovery programs to confront self-sabotaging behaviors that impede healthy relationships and a happy, wholesome life. Many of her patients are elite and high-level athletes and dancers, who also seek her out for her eating disorder expertise.

Sharon enjoys working with c-level executives on work/life balance, confidence, setback/failure recovery, risk-taking, strategic vision and relationship management in and out of the office. She is motivated by her successes in helping people really change and helps her clients and patients realize that what seemed impossible, is absolutely possible.

In addition to her day job, Sharon is married to an Olympic athlete and has been an athlete parent (professional ice skating, hockey and gymnastics) and is a road warrior and strength trainer herself, who has made exercise and a healthy diet central to her lifestyle for more than 30 years. Sharon is a first-generation American, born to Greek and Irish parents and grew up outside New York City.

She earned her Master’s and PhD from Adelphi University and her B.S. from Lesley University. Sharon is a frequent speaker at psychology conferences and is quoted in national media outlets.



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