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Keeping You In The Game For Life

Keeping You In The Game For Life

January 15, 2021


Like many of my patients, I saw doctor after doctor and tried many different treatments. I got fed up with taking medications that either made me feel worse or didn’t fix the issue. I tried tons of different supplements and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on doctor's appointments. It’s exhausting and extremely frustrating when everybody seems to have an answer, but nobody ever really makes any of the symptoms go away.

I’ve also watched as family members and friends go through this very same, frustrating process. Eventually, it becomes pretty clear that the way medicine is looking at chronic health problems just isn’t working.

When I reached this realization, I found Chiropractic and Functional Medicine. I knew I needed something that was different than conventional medicine. I knew I needed to look deeper into what I was doing with my lifestyle and nutrition that was contributing to the symptoms I was feeling. I knew I needed to find what was causing my symptoms, not just treat them on the surface.


I am now a Chiropractic and Functional Medicine physician. I look at how the body moves (or the lack of movement in some cases) and I combine that with taking a deeper look and functional approach to the body’s internal systems. Your body tells a story on the inside and outside. By utilizing both Chiropractic and Functional Medicine I have seen incredible life-changing improvements with my patients.


So you know she’s legit:


University of Western States


University of Western States


Human Biology, University of Western States


Psychology and Neuroscience Major, Spanish Major; University of Colorado at Boulder

Restore and Release with Katie Brown

Restore and Release with Katie Brown

January 1, 2021


Katie is a KCMO area yoga instructor with a passion for astrology, philosophy, and all things meta-physical. She learned to love her body again through yoga after a challenging two year stint in the world of competitive fitness. Her passion for yoga led her to self-study on a three week solo-adventure to Bali and eventually to Asheville, North Carolina where she received her 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification in 2017 at the Asheville Yoga Center.

With a background in body-building and physical fitness she understands both the anatomy of the body and the societal pressures put on it. She teaches both vinyasa style yoga, infusing the energetics of astrology into each class, as well as the more passive “yin yoga” in which she received additional certification in 2019. She teaches a style of yoga that focuses on cultivating a loving and compassionate conversation with the body. The goal in every class, whether active or passive, is to become present with the breath. She believes that it is with the breath that we connect through the body and to the spirit. 

You can find Katie teaching mostly online these days with offerings such as yin yoga, astrology-themed flows and seasonal yoga malas through True Love Yoga and Hagoyah. You can find her in person one day a week, socially distanced and masked on the mat on Saturday mornings at Hagoyah! She also offers a once monthly “Restore and Release,” a monthly self-care reset, via her own platform! To learn more about Katie and her offerings you can connect with her on social media @kbkcyoga or through her website

So you know she's legit:

Katie Brown is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).


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