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The Joy of Movement

The Joy of Movement

November 20, 2020


Kelly McGonigal (born October 21, 1977) is a health psychologist and lecturer at Stanford University who is known for her work in the field of 'science help' which focuses on translating insights from psychology and neuroscience into practical strategies that support health and well-being. Mainstream media articles about inner-conflict-related aspects of modern lifestyles regularly quote her. A longtime advocate of self-compassion and mindfulness as stress-coping strategies, McGonigal has lately altered her focus on the problematic aspects of stress; in a talk at the TED Global 2013, she emphasized the importance of an individual's subjective belief in themselves as someone who is able to cope successfully as being a crucial factor in their actual response to stress.


Through her trademark blend of science and storytelling, McGonigal draws on insights from neuroscience, psychology, anthropology, and evolutionary biology, as well as memoirs, ethnographies, and philosophers. She shows how movement is intertwined with some of the most basic human joys, including self-expression, social connection, and mastery--and why it is a powerful antidote to the modern epidemics of depression, anxiety, and loneliness.


So you know she's legit: 

Kelly McGonigal received a B.A. in Psychology and a B.S. in Mass Communication from Boston University, and her Ph.D. from Stanford University, where she is a lecturer in psychology and teaching a public course on willpower.



November 6, 2020



Amanda Fisher is a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Empower Your Pelvis.  Most mornings she’s at the gym with water in one hand and coffee in the other, followed by taking her boys to school and then on to the clinic with her favorite pelvic patients. Amanda and her husband Brett have three wild-n-crazy boys (yes, her hands are full!). She’s mostly known for her passion for pelvic floor dysfunction and teaching women how to find vaginal healthy products at Target (yes, she has a video on YouTube on this). People often refer to her as “The Crazy Pelvic Lady”, “Personal Trainer for Vagina” or “The Vagina Whisperer”.


In 2018, Empower Your Pelvis was voted as the Top Physical Therapy Clinic in Eastern Jackson County by The Examiner.

"I love serving the world by helping women realize there is hope with pelvic floor issues like peeing your pants, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, and pain with intercourse."  "I work with people who are having pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms: leaking urine/feces, pelvic organ prolapse, low back pain, hip pain, pelvic pain, lower abdominal pain, pelvic pain with intercourse/speculum exam or inserting a tampon."

Amanda Fisher


 So you know she’s legit:        

Rockhurst University

Doctorate, Physical Therapy/Therapist

2008 – 2011


 University of Missouri

Bachelor's degree

2005 – 2008 

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