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Sick Enough with Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani

Sick Enough with Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani

April 12, 2019

Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani returns to the show to discuss her new book Sick Enough: A Guide to the Medical Complications of Eating Disorders


  • Dr. G shares helpful concepts that she uses throughout the book, such as the caveperson brain, our overall biological drive, and adaptation to keep us alive when we are struggling with disordered eating.
  • “I’m not sick enough” is a statement that we hear with those that are struggling with disordered eating. We explore the beliefs around this statement in regards to seeking help with an eating disorder and caring for ourselves.
  • The mind-body connection exists in us all, and we have to begin listening to emotions that are coming out in our physical body. The medical system silos body and soul and tends to want to get to the root of it vs the need for comfort and talking through things.
  • We explore what needs to be changed in the healthcare system to prevent, diagnosis and treat disordered eating.

So you know she is legit:

Jennifer L. Gaudiani, MD, CEDS, FAED, is the Founder and Medical Director of the Gaudiani Clinic. Board Certified in Internal Medicine, she completed her undergraduate degree at Harvard, medical school at Boston University School of Medicine, and her internal medicine residency and chief residency at Yale. From 2008 to 2016, she was one of the leaders of the ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders at Denver Health, the nation’s top medical stabilization center for adults with eating disorders who are too medically compromised to receive care in a mental health setting. She left as its Medical Director to found the Gaudiani Clinic, which provides superb outpatient medical care to patients of all genders with eating disorders and disordered eating and to those in recovery. The Gaudiani Clinic embraces treating people of all shapes and sizes. Through a collaborative, communicative, multi-disciplinary approach, the Clinic cares for the whole person, in the context of their values.

Dr. Gaudiani has lectured nationally and internationally, is widely published in the scientific literature as well as on blogs, as the only internist. Dr. Gaudiani is one of the very few outpatient internists in the US who carries the Certified Eating Disorder Specialist designation and is also a Fellow in the Academy for Eating Disorders.

To Find Out more about Dr. Gaudiani and the Gaudiani Clinic go to:

To Learn more about Sick Enough and to buy a copy for yourself go to:


Want to hear more of Dr. Gaudiani? here is the link to our first interview!

Is Your Energy Aligning to Your Values with Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani




Sumner Brooks creator of EDRD Pro shares on PHIT for a Queen

Sumner Brooks creator of EDRD Pro shares on PHIT for a Queen

April 5, 2019

Sumner Brooks creator of EDRD Pro shares on PHIT for a Queen “It is the behaviors that create the health outcome, not the weight that creates Health At Every Size.“


  • What is HAES? Heath At Every Size
  • Found that if she was going to focus on weight loss as a solution it felt wrong.
  • While Body positivity may be a trend the harm that those in larger bodies have experienced is not a trend.
  • HAES is a way of living centered around well-being, not size.
  • HAES is delivering the same care to everybody.
  • Health is not a guarantee.
  • Humans are hard-wired to believe common sense over science.
  • People will do anything to avoid bullying including weight.
  • Created EDRD PRO to bring high-quality education to those anywhere, anytime.


Where you can find Sumner & her EDRD Pro:

Savvy Girl- A guide to Eating


 So you know she is legit:

Sumner is a registered dietitian and eating disorder specialist who has been working as an outpatient counselor with clients on all levels of the disordered eating spectrum for over 10 years.

Sumner’s work currently focuses on supporting and educating new and established dietitians with integrating a weight-inclusive approach into their practices and creating resources to improve skills for the identification and treatment of eating disorders. In 2014 Sumner published Savvy Girl: A Guide To Eating available now on Amazon. She wrote and published this book in collaboration with a client to provide readers with both the counselor and client perspective.

This non-diet living handbook written around the Intuitive Eating model, helps people get away from chronic dieting and learn Intuitive Eating. Sumner is enthusiastic about disseminating a weight-neutral approach for health and chronic disease management to reduce oppression and stigma for people living in larger bodies.

Other special interests include Binge Eating Disorder and Intuitive Eating in the treatment of disordered eating. Sumner’s most formative Influencer in the field is the one and only, Elyse Resch! One of the Original Intuitive Eating Pro’s and co-author of the book Intuitive Eating, Elyse has been a mentor and friend who has impacted Sumner’s work, beliefs and counseling style greatly. Sumner has studied under the supervision of Elyse since 2011.

Living life creatively with Paralympian Patty Cisneros Prevo

Living life creatively with Paralympian Patty Cisneros Prevo

March 22, 2019

Living life creatively with Paralympian Patty Cisneros Prevo


  • During her freshman year at Indiana University Patty was in a car accident that led to a spinal cord injury that left her wheelchair-bound. She a very special individual who planted the seed that she could continue to be an athlete and introduced her to wheelchair basketball.
  • Once an athlete, always an athlete! That competitive nature did not go away for Patty, and connecting to teammates who felt the same way led do back to back gold medals in the Paralympics.
  • The concept of living creatively was one that really helped Patty. That she could live a full life, still doing everything she loves to do but doing it in a creative way.
  • Patty noticed a lack of literature around individuals with disabilities. She recently won a book award and will be publishing a children's book entitled Unstoppable that shares stories of 15 athletes who have struggled with a physical disability.


So You Know she is Legit:

Patty Cisneros Prevo was a member of the USA Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team from 1999-2009 competing in three Paralympic Games- 2000 Sydney, 2004 Athens, and 2008 Beijing. Team USA won back-to-back gold medals in 2004 and 2008, where Patty captained the team. She has won four National Wheelchair Basketball Association Championships, including one as head coach of the University of Illinois Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team. In 2010, Patty played overseas in the Professional European Wheelchair Basketball League with Germany’s Lahn-Dill winning three championship cups in an undefeated season. She currently coaches the Denver Lady Rolling Nuggets Wheelchair Basketball Team.

In the fall of 1996 as a freshman at Indiana University, she suffered a spinal cord injury in a car accident that left her paralyzed. Patty is happily married to Tony, and together they are proud parents to their spunky girls, Elliana (6) and Nyah (3). Patty is also currently working on her first book, UNSTOPPABLE, about 15 female athletes with physical disabilities.


How To Connect with Patty:

Twitter: @pattycisprevo

Instagram: @pattycisnerosprevo


Renee McGregor shares on PHIT for a Queen “what is orthorexia & the movement #trainbrave”

Renee McGregor shares on PHIT for a Queen “what is orthorexia & the movement #trainbrave”

March 15, 2019

Renee McGregor shares on PHIT for a Queen “what is orthorexia & the movement #trainbrave”


  • Her background in clinical practice gave her valuable skills working with other disciplines
  • Her love for running naturally drove her to sports nutrition
  • Found her interest in clinical nutrition and sports dietitian blended her into specializing in eating disorders.
  • Orthorexia is the obsession with eating correctly
  • Trainbrave is an educational campaign to make runners aware of eating disorders and RED-S (relative energy deficiency in Sport)
  • Found that there was a lack of resources for those that wanted to compete but weren’t elite athletes
  • The disordered eating comes as a symptom of how to deal with discomfort
  • Trainbrave opens the conversation not only for the athlete but the coaches as well
  • These athletes tend to be looked over as they look “healthy”


Renee McGregor BSc (hons) PGDIP (DIET) PGCERT(sportsnutr) RD SENr


Renee is a leading Sports and Eating disorder specialist dietitian with over 15 years’ experience working in clinical and performance nutrition, with Olympic (London, 2012), Paralympic (Rio, 2016) and Commonwealth (Queensland, 2018) teams.

She works with individuals, athletes of all levels and ages, coaches and sports science teams to provide nutritional strategies to enhance sport performance and manage eating disorders. 

She is presently working with a number of national governing bodies and professional endurance teams including, Scottish Gymnastics, The GB 24 hour running squad, The EA Marathon development squad, pro-cyclists, and triathletes.

She is regularly asked to work directly with high performing and professional athletes that have developed a dysfunctional relationship with food that is impacting their performance, health and career.

She is the best-selling author of Training Food: Get the Fuel you Need, Fast Fuel: Food for Triathlon Success and Orthorexia: When Healthy Eating Goes Bad. She has spoken at many events including Stylist live, Cheltenham Literature and Science festivals, Google Talks and BBC News night.

She has spoken on many podcasts including Food PsychThe Food Medic, Running for Real, Let's Get Running and Tough Girl.

She is passionate about mental health and wellbeing and proud to be an ambassador for many charities involved in this field, including Head Talks and Anorexia and Bulimia Care.

She is the co-founder of  #TRAINBRAVE a campaign raising the awareness of eating disorders in sport; providing resources and practical strategies to reduce the prevalence. 

Her aim is to “Empower Balance in a Performance-Driven World”. 

She is on the REDS advisory board for BASES (The British Association of Sport and Exercise Science) and I sit on the International Task Force for Orthorexia. 

Renee has been invited to speak at several high profile events including The European Eating Disorder Society Annual Conference as the UK expert in Orthorexia, Cheltenham Literature Festival, Cheltenham Science Festival, The Stylist Show and Google.

She writes for many national publications and is often asked to comment in the national press. She regularly contributes to radio and TV, including News night and BBC 5 Live.

Isabel Foxen Duke shares on PHIT for a Queen

Isabel Foxen Duke shares on PHIT for a Queen

February 22, 2019

            Isabel Foxen Duke shares on PHIT for a Queen            


  • Her first diet was as a child encouraged by her pediatrician from that point felt she was always in a dieting cycle.
  • Finally, after years went to treatment for binge eating learning that binges are caused by dieting.
  • The constant pursuit was the problem in itself.
  • We must separate health from weight. Making a wellness mask for vanity.
  • There is NO evidence that larger bodies cause chronic illnesses.
  • “Blaming poor health on fatness is like blaming lung cancer on yellow teeth” Linda Bacon
  • Culturally we have given people the opportunity to make dieting a moralistic value.
  • We now know that dieting leads to bias thus making weight a status symbol
  • Stop saying healthy when you mean skinny
  • Trying to lose weight by dieting is like trying to win money with the lottery
  • Most people that have lost weight on a diet have had some rebound.
  • We must address our own weight bias
  • I was taught to fear weight gain and thin was rewarded
  • Prioritize mental health as part of your health equation!
  • My mental health is avoiding the judgment of my food and body.


Be sure to follow Isabel at: How To Not Eat Cake, can be found at and you can watch her free video training series at  

So you know she is legit:

Isabel Foxen Duke is the Creator of Stop Fighting Food—a free video training program for women who want to "stop feeling crazy around food." After years of trying to overcome emotional eating, binge-eating and chronic weight-cycling through "traditional" and alternative approaches, Isabel discovered some radical new ways to get women over their "food issues" once and for all—not just by shifting the mindsets of individuals, but by challenging the dominant diet culture as a whole. A fixture and thought-leader in the greater body-positive movement, Isabel has been featured in the Huffington Post, Elle Magazine, XOJane, and has been praised by Ricki Lake


Owning Our Futures with Fitness Entrepreneur Sara Grey

Owning Our Futures with Fitness Entrepreneur Sara Grey

February 15, 2019

Owning Our Futures with Fitness Entrepreneur Sara Grey


 At 26, Sara found herself as a single mom wanting to make a change so she can provide for her son. The tenacity, grit, and mindset through movement that she learned as a D-1 athlete was something she believed help her beat the odds. She shares her story of resilience, how she is changing how women talk to each other and themselves about their bodies and health.

  • Statistically speaking, Sara wasn’t supposed to succeed but she did! She shares how being an athlete helped her drive forward and how it led to her passion for changing the conversation around women’s health and fitness.


  • Women can be harsh critics towards other women, and harsh critics to themselves. With all that criticism going around, we are making a lot of assumptions about how other women see us. One of the most impactful things Sara has done is quit saying anything negative about any other human being, circumstance or herself. She found that this created opportunities for her in relationships and work when she decreased this negativity. Sara wants us to give up the gossip!


  • Sara shares some of her success secrets like journaling forward. Instead of journaling about her day, she journaled about the day that she was going to have in five years. She is also very selective on the thoughts that she allows herself to have, that she puts into action.
  • You find your own voice by believing that what you have to share is significant, it matters, you might not see the impact right away but you need to trust that what you’re doing if it comes from the right place is useful.

So You Know She is Legit:

Sara Grey founded FiTONIC to make whole-body health easier. She is a former NCAA Division 1 athlete, with a biology degree and lifelong interest in the impact of nutrition and movement on our health. An avid athlete, Grey runs, weight trains, bikes, hikes, swims, yogas, and she’s always on the lookout for a new challenge. Along the way, she discovered that as she developed tenacity and resilience by pushing through her fitness boundaries, she also developed the tenacity and resilience she needed to transform her life, which kinda came in handy, because. In her 20s, Grey was a broke single-mother, working as a waitress on welfare insurance, sleeping with her infant son in her arms on a family member’s couch. When her son was 5-months old, she enrolled in law school, determined to provide for him. After graduating with honors, she joined a prestigious law firm as a litigator and developed a successful career.


She is now the mother of four sons, married to her best friend and workout partner, and crushing new goals every day. Grey understands feelings of failure but she also knows what it means to break through. and transform your life, step by step, until you’re ready to unleash into a race-finisher’s sprint. She’s continued to overcome obstacles, whether it’s in the courtroom or on the gym floor. Grey created FiTONIC for other women who also want to climb mountains, who need to do that thing that seems impossible until it isn’t.

Connecting with Sara:

Instagram: @fitonicbody


Power the Hustle Podcast by Sara Grey:



Robyn and Tim share on PHIT for a Queen why they “ took mental health advocacy on the road.”

Robyn and Tim share on PHIT for a Queen why they “ took mental health advocacy on the road.”

February 8, 2019

Robyn and Tim share on PHIT for a Queen why they “ took mental health advocacy on the road.”


  • Wanted to use her voice to break the stigma around mental health.
  • Generational gaps share different hurt around mental health stigma
  • Decided to create this bus as a legacy for their daughters
  • Strives to find a place that those with addiction and mental health are treated with respect
  • 2019 is 365 days, 30 cities hitting the cities breaking stigma, providing resources
  • The bus is a vehicle for us being able to speak out.
  • Wide Wonder represents the bigger picture, inclusivity, and wonder… curiosity
  • People that go on to recover live on rich, plentiful lives and these stories need to be shared
  • Use your voice, Use your story



Robyn Cruze

Co-Founder, Wide Wonder

In February 2019, Robyn and her family will commence their passion project—Wide
Wonder—where they will travel around the United States in a converted school bus to inspire new perspectives on mental health and addiction.

Internationally-recognized author and speaker Robyn Cruze published
Making Peace with Your Plate (Central Recovery Press) with Espra Andrus, LCSW, which will enter its second edition in Fall 2019. Her work and her recovery story have been featured internationally in media outlets including Refinery29, Yahoo Style, Psychology
Today, Good Morning Washington, NPR Radio, among others. Having struggled and found recovery from mental health disorders, Robyn serves as a Director of Advocacy consultant for Eating Recovery Center, and has an integral presence in two Facebook communities—Eating
Recovery and Binge Eating Connection—combining a total of 250K+ followers. As a successful Australian film, TV and theater actor, Robyn holds a Master’s degree in performing arts and is a sought-after keynote speaker, educating on mental wellness, addiction and
the recovery from. She also trains on The Body Conversation—how to have a relationship with your body and the food you put in it.

Timothy Harrington’s mission as a nationally recognized emotional health advocate, thought leader, coach, and family recovery support specialist is to meet anyone affected by the addictive behavior of someone close to them exactly where they are and attend to their particular needs with a personalized and comprehensive, continuum of support strategy, that includes modern, relevant, and values-based comprehensive family recovery education, training and ongoing support. He believes that—”Anyone affected by the addictive behavior of someone close to them deserves a higher level of ongoing care and support that matches the importance of their role in the sustainable recovery and healing process.“




Specialization is THE MOST Detrimental Thing for the Young Athlete with Dr. Tommy John

Specialization is THE MOST Detrimental Thing for the Young Athlete with Dr. Tommy John

February 1, 2019

  As the son of renowned Major League Baseball pitcher Tommy John who played in the Major Leagues for 26 seasons and was the first person to come back in 1974 from the revolutionary surgery named the Tommy John Surgery, it is not surprising that Dr. Tommy developed a passion for proper healing and physical function as he witnessed firsthand the outcomes of injury, innovation, and principled healing. Dr. John shares with us the problems he is seeing, and research is showing when youth specialize too early in sport, and ways we can prevent and protect our young athletes!


  • Tommy John played professional baseball but he didn’t begin specializing in that sport until the age of 17. His parents, even though his dad was a professional baseball player encouraged playing many different sports growing up, or just playing in general. As children, we are not SUPPOSED to be good at a particular sport. We need to try a variety of things and have fun with it.
  • Tommy is adamant that children shouldn't specialize too early in one sport. He defines specialization as COMPETING in one sport more than 8 months at of the year and because of research specialization in a sport is the single greatest risk factor of youth injury.
  • Research is also saying that a multi-sport background whether organized or not, we get better grades in school, we choose better foods for breakfast, we get better sleep, better self-efficacy, less depression. We are now prepared to be healthier and happier adults.
  • Consequences that we are seeing in our youth due to too early of specialization: burnout, not fun anymore which leads to increase in injuries such as concussions, Tommy John surgeries, meniscus, stress factors, and spine. Injuries that we should be seeing later on in life. Kids are being medicated for mental health conditions because of anxiety and depression because they are not able to perform in their sport for their age!! The pressure is so huge.
  • What can we do to prevent some of these injuries from occurring:
    • Rethink- what we are doing is not ideal
    • Food first- nourishment
    • Childhood and Freeplay is training
    • Explore other sports- Even if you Suck!
    • Recovery- SLEEP is key

So You Know He’s Legit:

With Master Degrees in Health and Exercise Science from Furman University, Dr. Tommy John brings over 17 years of health experience to the table. At the completion of his studies, Dr. Tommy played professional baseball for three years with teams such as the Schaumburg Flyers, Tyler Roughnecks and the LA Dodgers. After his career was abruptly ended from a rare infection in his throwing shoulder, Dr. Tommy developed his own baseball performance company providing over 11,000 baseball training sessions for baseball enthusiasts from ages six to thirty. Additionally, he expanded his practice of personal training, sports performance training, and rehabilitation of all types of soft tissue injuries.

Dr. Tommy was drawn to chiropractic because he realized there was a higher element missing from the healing, performance process and proper function of the human body in the innate intelligence and the nervous system: brain, brainstem, and spinal cord. That paramount observation led him to obtain his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Life University, (a 4-year program), in Marietta, Georgia, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.

As the son of renowned Major League Baseball pitcher Tommy John who played in the Major Leagues for 26 seasons and was the first person to come back in 1974 from the revolutionary surgery named the Tommy John Surgery, it is not surprising that Dr. Tommy developed a passion for proper healing and physical function as he witnessed firsthand the outcomes of injury, innovation, and principled healing.

Dr. Tommy John also has a book just released in June 2018(Da Capo) called Minimize Injury, Maximize Performance: A Sports Parent’s Survival Guide, which is a unique program: a diet, lifestyle, and movement plan (Rethink. Rebuild. Replenish. Recover) for injury and performance-proofing young athletes in every sport.


How to Connect with Dr. Tommy John and to Get His Book:

Dr. Tommy John Performance and Healing Center

Twitter: @DrTommyJohnDC

Facebook: @Tommy.John.ARP.Training.Wellness


Allie Kieffer shares how “ I don’t run fast because I am lighter. I ran fast because I am stronger” on PHIT for a Queen.

Allie Kieffer shares how “ I don’t run fast because I am lighter. I ran fast because I am stronger” on PHIT for a Queen.

January 25, 2019

Allie Kieffer shares how “ I don’t run fast because I am lighter. I ran fast because I am stronger” on PHIT for a Queen.


  • Running was her way to escape her environment
  • From a young age had others label her as “different” when it comes to the typical running body.
  • How strong can I be to get through this marathon
  • Lean on your strength
  • If I don’t properly eat I can’t then recover to keep up my running.
  • If my life was just about running it wouldn’t be very worthwhile.
  • Hey, I am going to prove you wrong that I don’t need to change my body to perform my best.
  • Have fun and be exposed to more than just one sport
  • Focus on a growth mindset that focuses on did you try hard, did you have found and look more at the process.
  • Congratulations to Allie on her “practice” half that she ended up winning at The Rock and Roll half marathon.


Where you can follow Allie:


IG- @kiefferallie


The BLUEPRINT for Success of the Student Athlete with Seneca Blue

The BLUEPRINT for Success of the Student Athlete with Seneca Blue

January 18, 2019


The BLUEPRINT for Success of the Student-Athlete with Seneca Blue


Student-athletes come into the world of higher level sports with the expectation that they know how to handle these stressors and transitions. They are not prepared and we are beginning to see the impact on the student-athletes overall health. BLUEPRINT is a resource for all student-athletes to being learning life skills and coping strategies to help them with these major life transitions.

  • Seneca discusses the challenges of student-athletes; they have the stressors of being a young person in general and the extra stressors of being student-athletes. Many do not have the resources to cope with the stressors of this transition which is leading to mental health struggles, substance abuse, disordered eating and body image struggles. BLUEPRINT is that resource for students.
  • What is BLUEPRINT? BLUEPRINT is a global holistic development and wellness platform that will empower every student to create their own future.
  • Beginning with a focus on Student-Athletes, BLUEPRINT will revolutionize how students voices are heard and how their stories are told so they can discover how to live the best possible version of themselves.
  • They will shape a generation of students into healthy, informed and conscious leaders focused on improving themselves, their communities and the larger world around them. Their impact will be their legacy.


  • BLUEPRINT is focusing much of their work with the middle school population, to give them the skills needed so when they do make that transition to high school and college so they are more prepared. BLUEPRINT follows athletes throughout their career, ages 13-23.
  • GameChangers: BLUEPRINT currently has 118 GameChangers & 6 Advisors total. Athletes and specialists are part of this to change the narrative and culture of the student-athlete.


More about Seneca:

Seneca has dedicated his life to serving the ever-changing needs of student-athletes. Whether it be as a mentor, coach, pro basketball skill development trainer or his current role as BLUEPRINT’s Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer. Seneca has always relentlessly pursued impactful ways to add value to the lives of student-athletes.


BLUEPRINT exists to provide a safe & inspiring destination for student-athletes that offers unique wellness & development resources for every stage of their journey. There are hundreds of millions of students across the globe craving community, guidance, mentoring, resources & inspiration on how to live a well-rounded life. Today’s digital landscape is absent of such resources for our kids & young adults. A select few social platforms dominate every aspect of their lives. BLUEPRINT will revolutionize how their voices are heard, how stories are told and how to live the best possible version of themselves.


Connecting to Seneca:

Twitter: @SenecaBlue


Follow BLUEPRINT on:

Facebook: @weareblueprint

Instagram: @weareblueprint

Medium @weareblueprint

Twitter: @WeRBlueprint