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Trauma Informed Yoga and the Body with Emily Anderson

November 1, 2019

Emily Anderson is a Licensed Therapist, a Registered Yoga Teacher, and a Certified Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method facilitator. She defines and explains how trauma impacts our body, how trauma-informed yoga can be beneficial and other treatment modalities including Somatic Experiencing.


  • Emily defines trauma for us. Usually, when people think of trauma they think of trauma as specific events; war, sexual assault or and accident. Emily finds it beneficial to widen the definition of trauma to include how it impacts the nervous system. Anything that overwhelms our ability to cope, can be registered in our nervous system as traumatic. So anything that is too much, too soon, too fast.
  • Trauma doesn’t just impact the part of our brain that is in charge of logic and reason, that part of our brain tends to go offline when we are overwhelmed. It impacts the lower level parts of our brain that are in charge of survival. Therefore it is helpful to treat the lower parts of our brain and body in the treatment process.
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga can be beneficial because much of it based on choice, it is not about a facilitator telling you what to do with your body but finding and offering lots of options. The individual can begin to be curious about how their body is reacting and choose what type of movement the body is needing at that moment.
  • Emily shares treatment theories on how to heal trauma including EMDR and Somatic Experiencing.


You Know She’s Legit:


Emily Anderson is a licensed therapist and founder of Embodied. Counseling + Yoga in Kansas City. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher and a Certified Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method facilitator. Emily applies an integrative approach to therapy and trauma healing that is informed by neuroscience and rooted in compassion and validation. She utilizes evidence-based modalities such as EMDR, yoga, mindfulness, and Somatic Experiencing. She offers individual trauma-informed therapy for adults as well as groups and workshops. Emily’s intention as a therapist is to provide a safe space for individuals to get curious and cultivate an awareness of their own mind-body connection. A space where they can tap into their innate resiliency and their body’s own wisdom to heal. Emily is a former collegiate athlete and marathon runner. She found healing benefits personally from the modalities that she now offers professionally. When she’s not working, Emily’s favorite ways to recharge are traveling internationally, hiking new trails all over the world, sipping on a mug of hot tea, and spending time with her favorite people.



To find out more about Emily's practice and to get connected about upcoming workshops or events go to:

Instagram @embodied_counseling


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